Like Father, Like Son

Did you know that a child will start to imitate his parents HOURS after birth? Imitation is a building block for successful brain development. Watch this great video of a two year old demonstrating this principle.

Gearing Up For School

Deborah writes about how to best prepare children who will be entering kindergarten.

Thank You AmeriCorps!

Celebrating and thanking our AmeriCorps VISTA members during the fifth annual AmeriCorps Week.

April’s How I LIVE UNITED: Give

This month's LIVING UNITED spotlight, Elder Merrill Bateman.

GAME DAY - South Franklin Soccer League

South Franklin Soccer League is about to kickoff.

Doing Something Right

Someone once told me, “If you are going to catch someone doing something, catch them doing something right.” Today, I caught an entire school doing something right. As I was walking out of Farrer Elementary School in Provo, I noticed some familiar papers on a bulletin board in the main hallway. They included our United Way brochure, some success stories and information about some of the programs offered in Utah County. Thank you Farrer Elementary for Living United.


Tips on how to stay warm and save money.

A Tradition of Reading

My family has quite a unique tradition for New Year's Day.  Every year after we've gone to bed on New Year's Eve, Baby New Year brings each of us a new book.  I don't exactly know where this tradition originated from or how a new book ties into the New Year's holiday.  All the same, I have loved the tradition and plan to continue it in my family.  As a child, it was exciting to have one more thing to look forward to after all the presents at Christmas.  And the book, being the only gift given that day, didn't get lost among the many other gifts from Santa Claus.

Do You Remember the Magic?

Do you remember the magic of your first book? Do you remember the colors, the pictures, the creativity? You’re pretty lucky if you do, because there are children in the world who don’t have the opportunity to see the magic. In fact, some of those children are right here in Utah County.

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