Be a snail.

Like the snail, we are stronger than we seem.

Getting "in-tune" with the community!

I'm Gretchen, one of the new VISTA's with the United Way! I'm excited to be working at such a dynamic office and to post on the blog every once and a while!

Welcome to Provo!

Image from the Mayor's blog!

Are You in the Know?

How one moment in a yummy restaurant taught me how good life can be if we’re aware of what is going on around us. How? Tips included.

Free Tax Assistance Available

Once a year can be all too often for taxes. But, there is an amazing opportunity for families in our community to take advantage of and get their taxes prepared for free. $6,594,029 was brought back into Utah, Summit and Wasatch County families’ pockets last year through the VITA program.

New York!

Lisa recounts some of the acts of kindness she experienced during a cross-country trip to New York.

Oh Canada + Montana

Lisa discusses a recent trip to Idaho, Montana and Canada and gives some suggestions on some great local experiences awaiting Utah County residents.

Intermountain Moms

Soon-to-be-mom, Marcee, shares some insights and helpful information for expectant mothers.

Our Local Hero

Dr. Moreno Robins was recently awarded the Lifetime Achievement Hero Award. He's our hero!

GAME DAY - South Franklin Soccer League

South Franklin Soccer League is about to kickoff.

Happy First Birthday Help Me Grow!

Happy Birthday Dear Help Me Grow! Happy Birthday to you!!!!!


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