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Our current initiative is to ensure that by the year 2020, 95% of Utah County Children read at grade level by the end of 3rd grade.

To accomplish this goal, we support: 

Early childhood development programs
Early childhood development programs
Reading, volunteering, mentoring, and tutoring
Reading, volunteering, mentoring, and tutoring programs for K-3rd grades
Educational programs
Educational programs that empower women to contribute to their children's reading success

UNITED to improve children's literacy

Read more about third-grade reading and education in Utah County.

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Women United is open to all women

Lucinda Stevens

Lucinda Stevens

"Several years ago, Barbara Leavitt (United Way Staff) told me about a group of women she was organizing that would concentrate on the needs of women and children in Utah County and asked if I would join. I said absolutely!! This was the beginning of a wonderful friendship and a wonderful cause. Over the years I have met so many women with a deep passion to serve our community and especially women and children. I have seen first hand the miracles of our laboratory; children with books in their homes that were unable to keep up in their classes and family units that were able to support their family because of better education. I continue on this quest because our work is not done. There will always be a child or parent that will need our help in some way. Women United has only just begun!"
Genevieve Gribble

Genevieve Gribble

"I first became aware of Women United when I received a flyer that talked about their literacy initiative. I was immediately hooked! One of my brothers has special needs and by the time he finished high school he still couldn’t read and write. He is now more than 40 years old and I have seen first-hand the negative impact that illiteracy has in his life. He has low self-esteem and very little confidence. His job situation is always precarious. One of the saddest days in his life was when his oldest child asked him to read a story to her and he couldn’t. Being a part of Women United gives me power to help children so that they do not grow up with sad outcomes."
Brenda Minor

Brenda Minor

"I have always been interested in Community Service. I am often looking at the United Way website for new ideas to serve. One day as I was perusing the United Way website, I came across the opportunity to deliver books to schools. Children's books and teaching are passions of mine (I am a substitute teacher) and this opportunity sounded like one I wanted to try. I expressed my interest on the site and was contacted by Holly Kent (United Way Staff) to help with labeling and delivering the books. As I attended some Women United activities, learned about the mission and vision, and met the women with whom I would be serving, I knew I had found a great opportunity. I enjoy helping promote literacy in the community as well as working with women who share my same interests."


Our projects can always use your volunteer time and donations.

Lend Your Time

Bedtime stories
Build literacy in children of inmates; volunteers record inmates reading bed time stories, which is then mailed to their child. Children of inmates are at greater risk of dropping out than their peers.
Home visits
Ensure that babies get off to a good start; volunteers visit new mothers in their home and teach them how to care for their baby.
Help Me Grow
Help parents get their children ready for Kindergarten by identifying early childhood development issues and connecting parents with community resources that can help.

A safe space for mothers to connect to other mothers and for their children to play together.
EveryDay Learners
Access to quality children's books is one of the biggest barriers to literacy. Volunteers deliver books to elementary schools, tutor, mentor and show parents how to improve their child's capacity to learn.
Become a driving force for change and help make decisions about our communications, events, membership, fundraising, or volunteering.

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