UTA Bike to Work Day

I love my bike.  My husband gave it to me as birthday gift two years ago.  I had dreamed of owning such a beautiful thing for years, but I had never found one that was quite right.  At the time, I was living right on University Avenue and riding my bike to work was a 15 minute, pleasurable ride through downtown Provo.  It was such a great and relaxing way to start and end my day at work.

Now, we live up on the east bench of Provo, and although the ride down the hill is thrilling, the trip up the hill makes me cringe to think about.  I’m sure many of you road bikers are scoffing at my weakness, but note that my bike is a cruiser — I’m much more into the  leisurely activity of riding a bike than the hard core exercise aspect.  Thus, I have yet to ride my bike to work since I’ve been here at United Way.

However, next Tuesday is UTA Bike to Work Day.  To encourage biking to work, Provo City is sponsoring a bike ride with Mayor John Curtis at the Historic County Court House at 8:00 a.m.  The festivities start at 7:30 a.m. with free food, free bike tuneups, and free helmets to the first 50 participants.

So, I’ve decided to join our community and bike to work next week, despite my fear of that big hill.  I may find that the ride is worth the extra work and start riding to work more often.  If you work in Provo and own a bike, consider biking to work on Tuesday and stopping by for the fun at the Historic court house beforehand.  And look for the white LIVE UNITED t-shirts that all United Way employees will be wearing as we join Mayor John Curtis on our bikes.

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