Singing in the Sun! (or walking or riding or…)

Summer is in the air! We’ve had our first spell of good weather, trumped by flurries of snow, however we will not be daunted! We will have hope that the sun will come and lighten our world and our lives!

Okay, I’m waxing poetic. I’ll stop.

For reals though. If you know me, you’ll know that when the first sign of sun shows up every time I walk out the door, my life turns into a musical affectionately entitled, “Singing in the Sun.” Its magical. I start to dance around, throwing my arms and hands to the sky as a tribute to that glorious golden globe, but inevitably, each year the same thought ruptures my joy and enthusiasm. Summer means sun. And sun, means swimsuits.


But then a second thought comes into mind. With the sun comes good weather and opportunities to ride my bicycle. GLORIOUS JOY AND REJOICING! Life is good again.

Last summer I bought a road bike. (see picture). Its yellow (for the sun) and I named her Liesel. This year I’ve signed up for my first bike race ever! I guess I can’t really call it a bike “race” because it’s a non-competitive ride. But it will always be a race to me, I’m competing against myself! And the great thing about it is that a portion of the proceeds will go to purchasing helmets for young, aspiring bike-riders.

In looking for other races around the area I found rides, runs, triathlons and walks that help you get into shape (and into your swimsuit) while at the same time create awareness for a cause. Check these out:

  • Walk a Mile In Her Shoes - April 9, 2011. ( You’re invited to wear heels while you walk to raise money to support our local women’s crisis center.
  • Boys & Girls Club Run for Kids - April 9, 2011 ( a run supporting programs for kids in Utah County.
  • Little Red Riding Hood - June 4, 2011, Cache Valley, UT – A bike ride raising money for cancer research

Set a goal that this summer you’ll participate in at least one event that gets you out, singing, walking, running or riding in the lovely sun! You’ll  feel good because you’ve done something hard and you’re exercising and  helping out others all at the same time!

Leave a comment with any other good walks, rides or runs that you know  of that would be fun to do this year.

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