Free Tax Assistance Available

Written by guest blogger and PR Intern Jani C.

“Taxes” is one of those words that come with a dark cloud like homework or deadline... If you are having a fun, happy conversation and then the word “taxes” is suddenly dropped, it might as well be raining in the room. But, there is a ray of sunshine coming from the taxes arena. VITA is a free tax program for families in our community that have an income less than $50,000 to get their taxes prepared for free.

Not only do they prepare your taxes for free, but they also look for refunds and credits you might qualify for! Remember that tiny ray of sunshine, it is now turning in to a full on sunny day at the beach! Last year, the VITA efforts were so successful that $6,594,029 was brought back into Utah, Summit and Wasatch County families’ pockets. To put that number into perspective, that is equivalent to the population of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

This is an incredible opportunity and hopefully this year VITA can bring even more refunds back into our community to families that need it. Go to to see if you qualify for this opportunity.

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