Celebrate VISTAs

Post written by guest blogger Jani C., United Way of Utah County's current PR intern

Its AmeriCorps week! Since being here at United Way of Utah County, I have met a lot of VISTAs. I didn’t know what they did exactly until this week. Volunteers in Service to America members (VISTA) are full time volunteers for the community, and their living stipend reflects it. I think it is so incredible that they are willing to work for hardly anything so they can be more involved in bettering their community. Some of the projects our VISTAs work on are programs like the South Franklin Community Center, Help Me Grow, Kids on the Move and community service days like Martin Luther King Jr. Day. They are making such an impact in so many ways. I am glad there is a week to recognize all of the hard work they are doing. Thanks VISTAs for being dedicated to creating opportunities for a better life for everyone.

AmeriCorps Works - Facebook.com/americorps/

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