Bike to Work!

Written by guest blogger Kendal B. One of our great AmeriCorps VISTAs.

Last Tuesday, May 17, I got up early and rode my bike down to Provo’s Historic County Courthouse to join in the Bike to Work Day festivities. A group of about 10 of us from United Way of Utah County met up at the event to get our bikes tuned-up and to participate in a three-mile bike ride with Mayor John Curtis. It was so much fun!

While the morning was a bit overcast and there was an intermittent sprinkling of rain, the event was a great success! Everyone had a good time, got breakfast and had the opportunity to give their input on the status of biking and bikers in Provo. Mayor Curtis spoke and the Provo Bike Committee passed out surveys, Provo biking guides and a schedule of events for the rest of Bike Week.

See more photos on United Way of Utah County’s Facebook page and check out what the Mayor said about the event on his blog here.

I really enjoyed bike to work day and I’m planning to ride my bike to work on a regular basis this summer. Not only will this save me money on gas and help me get some exercise, but it is part of my contribution to improving the air quality in our lovely Utah Valley! I just hope it stops raining in Provo every day!

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