AmeriCorps (or Ameri-CORE)

Have you heard of AmeriCorps? And if so, do you know how to say it? Well, let me teach you right now (so you don’t embarrass yourself!): Ameri-CORE. Yes, like the Peace Corps.

AmeriCorps is the national service program where members participate in direct service to improve their communities. United Way of Utah County has started the Utah County Community Program this year, and members serve at United Way of Utah County and Community Action Services and Food Bank. The program has many great positions for anyone looking to serve the community or needing an internship for school. After members complete 300 hours of service, they receive an education award of $1132.

Positions are available during the following semesters:

Winter (January-April)

Summer (May-August)

Fall (September-December)

Here are the available positions at United Way of Utah County:

  • Volunteer Care Clinic
  • Welcome Baby
  • 2-1-1 and Volunteer Center
  • Community Relations
  • South Franklin Community Center
  • VITA (winter semester only)

Here are the available positions at Community Action Services and Food Bank:

  • Family Development
  • Food Bank Food Intake
  • Food Bank Donor Door
  • Food Bank Volunteer Projects
  • Circles Project
  • Community Relations
  • Community Garden (summer semester only)

Anyone interested can find out more information or apply by contacting Carrie (me) at Come earn money for school by serving your community!

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