5 Myths about America's homeless

Challenge what you think you know about the homeless. Research specialist on homelessness, Dennis Culhane, wrote an article for the Washington Post debunking common misconceptions about homelessness.  Here's the Reader's Digest version:

1. Homelessness is usually a long-term condition

2. Most of the homeless have a severe mental illness

3. Homeless people don't work

4. Shelters are a humane solution to homelessness and my personal favorite...

5. These poor you will always have with you These are MYTHS.  The homeless are people, and we can change the world--at United Way of Utah County we do it every day.  Homelessness is frustrating, because we have the solution: Permanent Supportive Housing, it's just out of reach.  What we need is more funding and advocates for the cause.

Click here to read the full article or contact me at (801) 374-2588 to get involved.


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