Utah County Crisis LineA Service of United Way of Utah County
Utah County Crisis Line

Should I Call?

If you live in Utah County and you are struggling with:

Depression or Anxiety
Thoughts of suicide
Economic problems
Emotional abuse
Physical abuse
Sexual abuse
Domestic violence
Drug or Alcohol use
Addictions of any nature
A crisis involving someone you love

then please call the free, confidential Crisis Line at 801-691-LIFE.

Services Offered

The Utah County Crisis Line is a free listening agency and referral service for people of all ages who have problems of almost any nature. It is not designed to solve problems, but to help the callers find solutions to their problems through personal and community resources.

Utah County Crisis Line provides:
Emotional support through 24-hour confidential phone calls
Intervention and diffusion of general crisis and suicide situations
A variety of community-based resources and information to callers that can help them find long-term solutions.

The Crisis Line serves all cities and towns in Utah County.

Callers FAQ's

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What kinds of crisis does the Crisis Line deal with?
Are any of the calls recorded?
Where is the Crisis Line located?
Can I call the Crisis Line on behalf of a friend or relative who faces a crisis?
Will the Crisis Line offer me counsel on how to help a friend or relative?